Celebrating a Decade of Design Elegance, The Classic Resin Manicure and Pedicure Bowls are back!
Add a splash of colour to your Pedicures with our original Manicure and Pedicure Bowls.  Available at a special price in limited colours.

Our Eco-friendly
Pedicure and Manicure Bowls are on Sale during summer

 Pedicure Bowls  $80 each
 Manicure Bowls  $25 each
(excludes shipping)


We are pleased to announce that Pedicure Bowls Australia by Victoria’s Essentials has been awarded Innovative Green Product of The Year 2016 at the Green Spa Network Sustainability Awards in California.
As the first Australian company to receive this Award, we are very honored.  The Award was based upon various criteria, including: achieving the highest level of sustainability compared to their peers; continuous improvement; setting an example of best practice for the industry to follow; making sustainable practices inviting and desirable to consumers and employees.
The Judging Panel included: Julie Keller Callaghan, Editor-in-Chief American Spa Magazine; Mary Bemis, Editorial Director, Insider’s Guide to Spas; Debrianna Berlin, Kiss The Sky; Shelley Lotz, Vios Spa Group.
We are pleased that our decade-long journey in contributing to a greener spa movement has been recognized by The Green Spa Network.  Our winning product range includes Eco-Friendly Pedicure Bowls, Manicure Bowls and Treatment Cubes made entirely from renewable resources including Rice, Corn and Sugar Cane.
Launched by the Green Spa Network in 2012 to honor sustainability leaders who are transforming an industry, the Green Spa Network Sustainability Awards celebrate groundbreaking activities, comprehensive measures, unique contributions, and overall leadership in environmental management, green techniques or sustainability.

eco-friendly products from an environmentally conscious company

Pedicure Bowl
Bring elegance to your spa or salon and help promote a Greener Beauty Industry with our unique, Award Winning range of manicure and pedicure bowls. 

Our stylish, durable and lightweight products have a stone-like appearance and texture and are made entirely from Organic, plant-based materials.
Available in five contemporary colours to suit any decor and affordable enough to display in each room.

Lead the way with a Natural approach and let your clients know you care for the planet. 
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