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Basil Orange Peppermint Lotion (SKU: MSBOP)Basil Orange Peppermint Lotion (SKU: MSBOP)Victoria's Essentials Professional Range - Basil Orange Peppermint Foot Moisturiser
Blood Orange and Fig Foot Lotion (SKU: MSBOF)Blood Orange and Fig Foot  Lotion (SKU: MSBOF)500g and 1 Kg Sizes

A blend of Sicilian Blood Orange Essence and Certified Organic Fig Extract are added to our unique formulation of vitamins, humectants and extracts to smooth and revive tired feet.
Certified Organic Desert Lime Foot Lotion (SKU: MSDL)Certified Organic Desert Lime Foot Lotion (SKU: MSDL)500g and 1 Kg Sizes

The perfect start to the Summer!  A blend of Australia Native Certified Organic Desert Lime Extract, Certified Organic Marshmallow Fig Extracts are formulated with a natural blend of humectants to smooth and revitalize the feet.
Chai Spice Lotion (SKU: PMCS)Chai Spice Lotion (SKU: PMCS)Our Moroccan inspirediLotion brings together a combination of essential oils of Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove Bud for a warming, sensual finish to our Citrus Spice Ritual.
Coconut Ylang Body Lotion (SKU: PMCY)Coconut Ylang  Body Lotion (SKU: PMCY)Our Island inspired Lotion brings a tropical combination of Rich Coconut, French Ylang Ylang essential oil and a combination of Moisturising Botalincals, Emollients  and Essential Oils for a intoxicating escape to the tropics!
Ginger and Lemongrass Body Lotion (SKU: MSGT)Ginger and Lemongrass Body Lotion (SKU: MSGT)Formulated to moisturise and nourish, this rich Ginger and Lemongrass Moisturiser contains a blend of humectants which are highly effective in re-hydration of the skin. Ginger and Lemongrass Essential Oils are blended with and Aloe Vera for smooth, soft skin.
Honeysuckle Cinnamon Lotion (SKU: MSHC)Honeysuckle Cinnamon Lotion (SKU: MSHC)
The perfect finish to our Honeysuckle Cinnamon Foot Soak, this rich, natural moisturising lotion softens skin and leaves the a soft honeysuckle spice scent.
Imari Foot and Body Lotion (SKU: MSIM)Imari Foot and Body Lotion (SKU: MSIM)The final step in the Imari Treatment, our Imari Body Lotion is scented with  rich in Lemon Aspen, Marshmallow and Green Tea extracts combined 
Indian Sandalwood Lotion (SKU: MSIS)Indian Sandalwood Lotion (SKU: MSIS)500ml bottle

Bring the essence of the sacred Indian Sandalwood Ritual to your clients with our new Spa Treatment. Our unique Scrub Gel is a 100% natural moisturiser containing Certified Organic Kakadu Plum, Lillypilly and Quangdong Extracts bring an Australian twist to this Indian Ritual.
Organic White Tea Passionflower Lotion (SKU: MSWTP)Organic White Tea Passionflower Lotion (SKU: MSWTP)500ml and 1 Kg sizes

Sea Mineral and Mint Foot and Body Lotion (SKU: MSSMM)Sea Mineral and Mint Foot and Body Lotion (SKU: MSSMM)The perfect finish to the Pedi Treatment, our cooling Sea Mineral Lotion, free from chemicals found in most commercial products and rich in essential oils of Peppermint, Clove, Menthol, Gardenia, and a blend of deep Sea Minerals. The perfect cooling and revitalising treatment for the feet.
Vinothérapie Chardonnay Body Lotion (SKU: VMC)Vinothérapie Chardonnay Body Lotion (SKU: VMC)
Vinothérapie Pinot Noir Lotion (SKU: VMS)Vinothérapie Pinot Noir Lotion (SKU: VMS)500ml Bottle

Our Pinot Noir Body Moisturiser contains Vitamin E, Natural Humectants, highly detoxifying Vine Extracts including Grapeseed Oil, Grapeseed, Grapeskin and Red Grape Extracts and is lightly scented with our own Wine essence. This moisturiser is perfect for re-balancing the skin post Wrap.

White Chocolate Foot Lotion (SKU: MSCHO)White Chocolate Foot Lotion (SKU: MSCHO)An essential finish to an indulgent Chocolate or Coffee treatment   Our unique, natural Body Lotion contains Certified Organic Cocoa Butter, Humectants and Vitamins and leaves a soft scent on the skin.
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