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Blood Orange and Fig Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGO)Blood Orange and Fig Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGO)
Our unique, natural water-activated Scrub Gels contain no oil.  A small amount is applied to the skin and massaged in a circular motion.  As the active ingredients are lightly absorbed into the skin, fingertips are dipped into water to regain massage texture.

Certified Organic Desert Lime Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGDL)Certified Organic Desert Lime Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGDL)
Organic Australian Desert Lime and Mint is the inspiration for our Scrub Gel as a rich form of Vitamin C that has been used by indigenous people for thousands of years. Certified Organic Desert Lime, Pineapple Extracts and soothing Marshmallow Extract are blended with our natural, vegetable base.  A combination of crushed Walnut Shell and Volcanic Pumice provide the perfect scrub with a tangy, tropical aroma.

Chocolate Hydro-activ Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGCH)Chocolate Hydro-activ Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGCH)450g

Coconut Ylang Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGCY)Coconut Ylang Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGCY)Coconut Ylang Scrub Gel
Ginger and Lemongrass Scrub Gel Concentrate (SKU: HSGGT)Ginger and Lemongrass Scrub Gel Concentrate (SKU: HSGGT)450gm & 900gm jars

Honeysuckle Cinnamon Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGHC)Honeysuckle Cinnamon Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGHC)900g and 5 Kg Sizes

An aromatic and effective Scrub Gel formulated to naturally cleanse and deodorise feet.  Honeysuckle and Cinnamon Extracts are combined with our natural oil free base to leave feet feeling soft and cleansed with the sweet aroma of honeysuckle and fresh cinnamon - an exquisite treatment clients will love.  
Indian Sandalwood Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGIS)Indian Sandalwood Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGIS)450g Jar

Bring the essence of the sacred Indian Sandalwood Ritual to

Organic Thyme & Mint Scrub Gel (SKU: SGOT)Organic Thyme & Mint Scrub Gel (SKU: SGOT)
Organic Thyme & Mint Foot Scrub Gel Formulated to smooth and refresh tired feet, this Natural Scrub Gel combines our unique combination of cooling Essential Oils, Sea minerals to relieve tired feet, Certified Organic Thyme & Pumice remove dead skin cells to deeply cleanse and soothe the feet.
Organic White Tea Passionflower Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGWTP)Organic White Tea Passionflower Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGWTP)450g and 900g sizes

Sea Mineral Mint Scrub Gel Concentrate (SKU: HSSMM)Sea Mineral Mint Scrub Gel Concentrate (SKU: HSSMM)450g and 900g sizes

Vinotherapie Pinot Noir Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGVPN)Vinotherapie Pinot Noir Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGVPN)450g and 900g sizes
Our unique Vinotherapie Scrub Gel is a 100% natural ultraconcentrated gel scrub concentrate containing vine ingredients, including Grapeseed Extract, Grapeskin Extrac
Vinoth√©rapie Chardonnay Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGVC)Vinoth√©rapie Chardonnay Scrub Gel (SKU: HSGVC)Vinothérapie Chardonnay Exfoliating Gel


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