Massage Stones

Our Handcrafted Massage Stones made from Australian Granite and semi precious Stones from mines around the World.


These handcrafted Stones have been hand shaped from rare stone including; Australian granite and marble, sourced from the Snowy Mountains, Tanami Desert, Kakadu Northern Territory, Pilbara Western Australia & Tropical North Queensland.  We also offer Blue Pearl Granite from Norway, Italian Carrara Marble and the spectacular precious blue Lapis Lazuli from Chile. 


All Stones are designed by practitioners to deliver the ultimate hot and cold Stone Therapy. The Natural beauty of the stone is gently coaxed from its primitive form to become a visual and tactile art form. Eleven progressive steps are required to achieve the sturdy organic shapes and required finish.


Stone Therapy has become a regular on Spa menus worldwide as it adds a unique and rewarding modality that leaves clients converted.  So why not let your clients enjoy the benefits of these timeless stones and their rejuvenating properties?

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