Hydro-Activ Scrub Gels

When formulating our Natural Scrub Gels we sought to develop a natural vegetable-based gel concentrate that is free of oils, synthetics and silicones.   Our Gels are concentrated, so a very little goes a long way.  They are oil-free and perfect for pre-spray tan exfoliation. Each is rich in Organic Australian Extracts and Volcanic Ash to gently soften the skin.  

A small amount is massaged into the skin to exfoliate dead skin cells.  As the gel absorbs into the skin, fingertips are dipped into water to re-activate and no oily residue is left on the skin after the treatment.

Category Products

Blood Orange and Fig Scrub GelBlood Orange and Fig Scrub Gel
Certified Organic Desert Lime Scrub GelCertified Organic Desert Lime Scrub Gel
Chocolate Hydro-activ Scrub GelChocolate Hydro-activ Scrub Gel
Coconut Ylang Scrub GelCoconut Ylang Scrub Gel
Ginger and Lemongrass Scrub Gel ConcentrateGinger and Lemongrass Scrub Gel Concentrate
Honeysuckle Cinnamon Scrub GelHoneysuckle Cinnamon Scrub Gel
Indian Sandalwood Scrub GelIndian Sandalwood Scrub Gel
Organic Thyme & Mint Scrub GelOrganic Thyme & Mint Scrub Gel
Organic White Tea Passionflower Scrub GelOrganic White Tea Passionflower Scrub Gel
Sea Mineral Mint Scrub Gel ConcentrateSea Mineral Mint Scrub Gel Concentrate
Vinotherapie Pinot Noir Scrub GelVinotherapie Pinot Noir Scrub Gel
Vinothérapie Chardonnay Scrub GelVinothérapie Chardonnay Scrub Gel
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