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Vinothérapie Chardonnay IONIC Mask (Dry Concentrate)

Vinothérapie Chardonnay IONIC Mask (Dry Concentrate)
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1kg Concentrate

An essential part of the Vinothérapie Ritual, this Dry Wrap Concentrate is suitable face and body tratements. This Vinothérapie Treatment contains all five vine ingredients providing a complete anti oxidant and detoxification Treatment. To activate, simply add your choice of water, our Moisturising Mixer or your create your own signiture liquid blend.

This treatment is rich in active ingredients including Grapeseed Extract, Grapeskin Extract, Grapeseed Oil, Grape Extract and Chardonnay Essence. 

Note: Contrary to many beliefs, Vinotherapy products are not made from wine. Vinothérapie are treatments using extracts from the vine and contain high levels of anti-oxidant-rich extracts and minerals that act to protect the skin from damaging free radicals. Additionally as this Wrp is an IONIC Treatment, the skin will benifit from a second anti-oxidant treatment, detoxifying the skin on a cellular level.. 

We have formulated our Vinotherapie Wrap as a dry concentrate which allows 1kg to make over 2 kgs of Treatment when blended with liquids

Features Benefits
A highly concentrated blend 1 Kg of Concentrate makes over 2 Kg of Wrap.
A fresh Spa product free from Preservatives & Synthetics ery gentle to the skin. No chemicals to irritate sensitive skin
Easy to blend Ready to use in under a minute.
Create your own variations dd your choice of liquid to make your product a custom blend!
Blend during Treatment Make your client feel special by blending their treatment Fresh for them.
100% Australian Made from Australian Ingredients Purity Guaranteed
The highest concentration of Vine Extracts of any Vinotherapy Mask The highest concentration of Vine Extracts of any Vinotherapy Mask A Professional Vinotherapy that utilises all aspects of the Vine.
Unique Chardonnay Essence Richly scented with the Essence of Wine without the Alcohol Aroma found in Wine.
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